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The Basic Features included with Emailxtra email marketing technology platform include:


  • Detailed/Real-Time Reporting
  • Individual Tracking/Profiling - Complete email action history
  • Campaign-Based Reports - Opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, spam complaints, referrals (send-to-a-friend); date ranges
  • Filter-Based Reports
  • Open and Click-Through Histograms
  • List-Based Reports - % free and AOL accounts, monthly subscribes, unsubscribes, by demographic
  • Export Reports to Excel, Word, etc.
  • Reports By Email
  • Text Message Open Tracking
  • Campaign Report Builder
  • Top Domains Report
  • Performance Benchmarking (List & Message Indexes)

Segmentation & Personalization

  • Demographic/Profile & Activity-Based Filter
  • Email Merge - Personalization
  • Unlimited Demographics Fields

List Management

  • List Upload Control (Replace/Append)
  • Automatic Unsubscribe Confirmation Message
  • Reply/Unsubscribe Handling
  • Bounce Retry/Processing

Message Creation & Management

  • Proof List/Test System
  • A/B Split/Random Group Testing
  • Template System
  • Spam Content Checker
  • Automatic Footer Message
  • Link Aliasing
  • Content Library - Upload images, files and landing pages
  • Message Categories and Alternate Names
  • Message Notes - Workflow, lessons learned, etc.
  • AOL Subscriber Settings (Multipart versus Text)

Forms and Surveys

  • Customizable Opt-In Forms
  • Reader Surveys/User Profiles
  • Referral/Send to a Friend
  • Automated Welcome Message

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Factors that Influence Email Open Rates

Relationship to Your Organization: The nature of the recipient's relationship to your organization plays a key role in whether they open your email or not. Are your readers irregular purchasers of consumer products, potential clients, existing clients, or information hungry subscribers seeking expertise? For example, a CFO may be more inclined to open the newsletter from his accounting firm (with whom he has an ongoing and personal relationship) than the newsletter he gets from his personal finance software company (from whom he bought a CD-ROM for $99 18 months ago).

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