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Self Service Email Marketing

You manage your own account. You can create your own email newsletter with our library of templates, no html knowledge is required. You may also fully customize you newsletter to the look and feel of your web site with our your own html and text.

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Collect Information

We can create your own personal opt-in web form to give your visitors the ability to tell you a little bit about themselves. By obtaining demographic and personal interest information, you will gain insight into the types of people who visit your site as well as the kinds of information they want you to email with. Capture details such as name, email address, city, state, zip code, etc. You customize up to 10 fields of additional information to fit your specific business needs. Thus you can target your email campaigns more effectively and build a stronger relationship with your member base...everybody wins!
Your data is automatically transferred into our secure database and an email confirming your member's registration is sent out to them immediately. After your members complete the "double opt-in" procedure you can begin sending out your emails!

Create Your Campaign

We will design your digital newsletter in 3 formats (1) HTML for clients that have HTML compatible email programs, (2) Text version of your newsletter for clients that do not have HTML compatible email programs, (3) AOL Text for your AOL clients, they receive a specially formatted text version of your newsletter.

Send Campaign

We transmit your digital newsletter to your clients at a time and date your requested.

Campaign Reporting

With our reporting tool, you have access to the results of your email campaign in real-time directly from your browser! Day or night, weekend or weekday you can view all statistics associated with your campaigns whenever you like. View reports to find out how many actual messages were sent, or how many people are opening the HTML email. Monitor unsubscribes, bounces, and also track your click-through rate and see how well you're achieving your ROI...it could not be simpler!

We present your data in easy-to-view charts and diagrams, which enables you to evaluate the performance after your emails are sent. All of your reports are saved in your personal profile so you can reference this information when you want to: view a current campaign, compare the results of multiple campaigns, or examine the performance of the same campaign sent at different times. It's easy to see what's working and what's not so you can make sure you are sending out the most effective emails to your customers and prospects.

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Grow Your Business

Gain a better understanding of your client's needs. Communicate with them on a regular basis. Let them know about changes, upgrades and industry news.

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Factors that Influence Email Open Rates

Nature of Content: In addition to the actual value of the content, how do recipients actually use the information in the email? Is it an offer for a discount, free white paper or free trial? If a newsletter, does the content routinely include tips and news that people can apply to their business or personal lives or is it nice-to-know information that they can easily live without?

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